See what our happy customers have to say about Aging Solutions:

My wife and I have found Aging Solutions to be invaluable in helping my parents as we live almost 300 miles apart. My father was recently diagnosed with dementia and my mother has become homebound with her own health concerns. Brynne Malone, our case manager, has been fantastic. He has helped with every aspect as we were overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin in helping my folks. Among Brynne’s many accomplishments so far are organizing their finances, arranging for in home care, providing guidance in our research of facilities where they can live and thrive, assisting us with learning about dementia and communication strategies, planning for the sale of their home and moving, and, most importantly, befriending my parents and helping them with various tasks and chores as needed. Watching your parents age and begin to struggle at times is difficult, and made worse when you don’t live near them. Brynne has been wonderful in his calm approach to what can be emotional issues and his experience is apparent as he guides us through all of the steps necessary to help my parents be safe, comfortable and happy.

~ Marc M.

After my husband Hank passed away, I was left with many difficult decisions, many of which were very emotional. With the assistance of my family and the knowledge and care of Brynne, I was able to make solid decisions for my future. Now many years later I enjoy traveling with friends and family, play cards weekly, and attend numerous church and family functions. I am 85 years old and enjoying the life as I know. I have a friend in Brynne who has assisted me greatly and taken away my greatest worries. I know he cares about me and I can feel free to call him with my concerns. It’s also very nice these days to have someone keep track of all the changes in banking, financial services, and those who would take advantage of me.

~ Ruth G.

After failing health my mother-in-law recently passed away. Losing her independence we sought comfortable and caring alternative living options. With little or no knowledge of these matters, it proved to be a difficult task. My wife and I wish the services provided by Aging Solutions were available to us in our time of need both before and after my mother-in-laws passing. It would have been nice to have an independent knowledgeable person taking care of her matters relieving our stress and anxiety. These aren’t the sort of things that should wait.

~ Dan M.

I felt like I had all my financial affairs in order until Brynne and I began going through everything. There were a number of questions which came up and some things that hadn’t gotten done properly. It was wonderful to be able to understand everything I had and to know that someone else is looking out for me. I feel so much more confident with my financial affairs now because I know things change, but I have someone assisting me who understands what I want so I can remain very independent and enjoy my retirement. I highly recommend Aging Solutions services. I don’t think you will have any regrets.

~ Lillian C.

My family and I want to thank you so much for handling the affairs of my aunt. You did a fine job and we know at times it was not an easy one. The burial plot could not have been any better chosen. Also the stone was lovely. Thanks again for the beautiful basket of flowers. I hope our friendship continues and may God bless you for all you have done for all of us.

~ Dorothy & All Her Family

I am the Social Services Director at Royal Park Care Center and in my role have been blessed to find a very professional and very caring advocate for the elderly in Brynne Malone. I have know Brynee for many years and have found his dedication, commitment and above all his caring and service to our residents here at Royal Park far beyond any reasonable expectation of someone in his profession. I cannot stress strongly enough his professional manner and resolve to care and advocate for our residents. He is quick to respond to resident and staff requests and concerns and engages care givers and medical staff with dignity and thoughtful reasoning. I am pleased to recommend Brynne to anyone considering assistance in health care and estate management and preparation. You will be extremely pleased with the care and service Brynne will provide to you.

~ Mary K., Social Service Director, Royal Park Care Center

Brynne Malone was a kind, caring, guardian for my father, when we needed him the most. When I went into the nursing home to see my father, Brynne, I believe was deep in prayer for my father. He was there for me during one of the most difficult times in my life.

~ Pamela M.

As an Adult Family Home owner of three homes, I have been fortunate indeed to have had the opportunity to work professionally with Brynne for the past two years. I can state, without hesitation or reservation, that Brynne will be the first professional Guardian I will recommend to either my current residents or to any inquiries I may receive; regarding how to best help human beings who are in need of the services Brynne is able to provide. I have found Brynne to be extremely knowledgeable in resources available in the community and to be very cautious with the funds of his clients. Brynne’s honest, unique caring and compassion for each of his clients is remarkable. You can tell by the response he receives when he arrives that his clients are indeed happy to see him. He goes the extra mile to improve the quality of life for his clients–believing they each deserve the best of what is available for them. You will be very pleased with the services Brynne Malone will provide.

~ Mary Lou R., RN, Administrator

When my dad was admitted to a home for those suffering with Alzheimer disease. Mr. Malone was there to help us, especially my mom, at this time of great grief. His consolation abilities are greatly appreciated, and his integrity put us all at ease as we learned we could trust his advice. He helped my mom in some critical matters that occurred, which, to me, was going beyond the call of duty to help his client. Mr. Malone manifests a wonderful concern for his clients and we are grateful to have his services. I would without question or hesitation recommend Brynne Malone to anyone who needs his services.

~ Rev. Leland G.

I would like to thank Spokane Aging Solutions for the incredible work you have done on behalf of my mother. The care, concern and responsibility you have put fourth is nothing short of amazing. My mother’s situation was very difficult, needing different levels of caretaking which usually requires separate entities involved. However, you handled all of these things accurately, with respect and with the utmost concern for my mother’s well being while keeping me well informed, even though I live out of the state. Over the course of your service, you have continued to prove that your ultimate goal is the happiness of clients as valuable human beings, treated with dignity. Once more, thank you for your wonderful care and attentive, compassionate services. Both senior citizens and their families are lucky to have Aging Solutions as a caring and responsible option, if they ever are in need.

~ Tiina Teal

I have worked with Brynne Malone and Aging Solutions in a professional capacity. I have provided tax and accounting services to his clients on an as needed basis. I am pleased to be able to provide a letter of recommendation for Brynne. I have found that Brynne is a professional, dependable and compassionate person. I would recommend him and his company to anyone needing assistance with elder care issues.

~ Robin K., CPA

I’m so glad Aging Solutions is helping me plan and care for my husbands declining health. I feel so much better about our lives now that we have a reliable service to count on in this very stressful time. The burden was becoming too much for me and my children. I wish I had known about this service years ago.

~ Fran T.

We are so thankful for Aging Solutions assistance with my sister-in-law. There were a lot of difficult family dynamics and Aging Solutions handled them with caring profession.

~ Dorothy F.

My husband died, July 28th, 2005 with Alzheimer’s, he destroyed everything he touched. Now I have to someone repair it all, Mr. Brynne Malone became my financial advisor through elderly service. Such a wonderful, compassionate, understanding man, he has been there for me for all these months. I would recommend him to anyone needing his services. He is very intelligent and knows what to do in a time of crisis. I highly recommend him.

~ Helen G.

Brynne Malone has been my mom’s finical advisor for the past year and a half. He has conducted himself in a very professional manner. He has assisted my mom in several finical situations and I personally feel very comfortable knowing that my mom has someone like Brynne she can turn to when she has questions or needs assistance. He is very compassionate and understanding.

~ VaNita H.

As our mother aged, we knew we needed to make a plan. She had fallen twice in her home. All of her children but one lived in other parts of the country. Mom’s care had naturally been placed on our sister living near her who was becoming more and more overwhelmed with the constant care needed. Aging Solutions was an invaluable source of help. Their consultant was easy to talk with and knew how to communicate with our aging mother. He met with her individually to gain understanding of her health care and financial wishes. The consultant, using his knowledge of the health care system and expertise in financial planning, designed a short term and long term health plan. Additionally, he gave us a detailed list to arrange her financial affairs. When it came time to move mom out of her home, while still difficult, the preparation Aging Solutions had provided made the process much easier for all of us.

~ Anonymous